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We have exclusively partnered with OASIS Jobs, which means that when you apply you’ll receive their free consulting/job placement services and, even if you are not the right fit for us, will automatically be considered for hundreds of other positions across China!

About Computer Explorers

Computer Explorers is a global company founded in Houston Texas in 1984. Our vision is to help children reach their full potential by using technology as a tool to engage students, enhance the educational process, and prepare them for the future. Children use discovery and cooperative learning to reinforce skills in science, math, and language as they work with computers, digital cameras, robots, electronic microscopes and iPads. We have decades of experience integrating technology into education, and have expanded to scores of locations around the world.

Our branches in China (website is in Chinese only) are part of a single franchise, which is headquartered in Suzhou, near Shanghai. We are growing quickly across mainland China and look forward to welcoming you as part of our expanding team.

Open Positions

We are currently expanding and looking for good teachers. In our flagship training center in Suzhou, China you will assist children aged 3 to 14 to explore all sorts of technology.  In our fun and fast-paced classes, kids learn about computers, rocketeering , digital art, 3D printing, film making and more. We are looking for teachers who are fun, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. Teachers need not have an IT background or have prior teaching experience, although this helps, since we offer any required training and use many pre-prepared modules from our proprietary curriculum.

Salary & Benefits

  • 12,000 to 15,500 rmb monthly salary after-tax, based on your qualifications
    ​(Total annual compensation is 150,000 to 192,000 rmb, while annual cost of living in Suzhou is approximately 80,000 rmb/year)
  • You will be excused from work on all 11 or so days of various national holidays plus you are entitled to 10 days of paid leave. You will receive health insurance, and can expect to be picked up at the airport upon arrival. For two weeks, while we assist you to find a place to live, you’ll be put up in a furnished apartment without charge. All teachers receive a Z-working visa for legal employment.  Lastly, those who stay for a second year will receive a 6,000 rmb flight allowance. 

Job Details & Responsibilities

You will have 8 office hours and be in the classroom for 20-22 hours each week. Other duties would be approximately two hours per week, totaling 32. Your hours will be on weekends, between 9am and 6:30pm, and occasionally on weekdays, between noon and 8:30pm, when you will also get the chance to teach our program at International Schools. All teaches are given two weekdays to rest each week.  

You will be one of the prominent faces of our business to parents and customers. We value all of the skills and experiences you will bring and strive to provide you with a learning-rich and enjoyable working environment, with opportunities for advancement. We believe that the whole operation runs much smoother—for all involved—when teachers are happy and satisfied.


  1. A completed undergraduate degree, in any major 
  2. Must be a fluent English speaker
  3. Due to China's visa requirements, only passport holders of the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand can be considered
  4. Ability to live abroad for at least a year
  5. A clear criminal and medical background check