Job introductions

We maintain friendly relationships with the owners, principals, and managers of schools and institutions in order to place qualified candidates on the top of their hiring list, including for jobs that are never publicly posted. After reading our website you can complete our simple registration form and we can help suggest suitable jobs for you, based on your experience and background. If you meet the Chinese government’s visa requirements and our standards for professionalism we will arrange a video chat with you. Then we can set up a direct introduction with the institution that is the best match for you. Should this not be possible, we will be happy to suggest online resources and advice for job hunting, as well as other reputable recruitment agencies that may be helpful in your search.

Trusted advice

We arrange video chats and phone calls to consult with those who are seriously considering teaching in China. By understanding you better and what you are looking for we can explain what types of job positions would be the best match. Our guiding principle is to serve the best interests of teachers at all times.

Orientation to China

While nothing will completely prepare someone to live overseas, we want everyone to have a good experience in order to be able to make a contribution to education in China. We have designed the Ambassador to China program to provide an in-depth introduction to Chinese history and culture, as well as the basics of the language. This free, 10-hour course would be especially helpful to those who have never been to China before and want to land on their feet.