Why teach in China?

Teaching in China will give you a unique opportunity to experience and learn about a country with a long history and fascinating culture. In a country that greatly values education, teachers receive the highest levels of respect.

In addition to giving teachers a competitive salary and bonuses, benefits vary from school to school but usually include free accommodation, most utility expenses, a return flight to your home country upon completion of your contract. Hours range from 15 to 40 hours per week.  Placements are usually from one year and up. In general, the longer you are in your placement, the greater the benefits offered.

If you want to experience a different culture, enjoy teaching, and want to make a contribution to a country with a great future, there are many opportunities waiting for you in China.

Demand for teachers

With China emerging as an important force in the global market, and with English becoming established as the de facto global language, the need to improve English among its citizens continues to be a focus for the Chinese government. The demand for foreign teachers in China is therefore greater than ever. With education highly valued in Chinese society, there is a growing need to learn English, or study subjects in English.

Whether you teach at a school, university or private learning centre, the opportunities in China are vast, just like the country!

Where should I go?

It’s up to you!

Some people crave the creature comforts of home. Others seek cultural immersion. Or beautiful landscapes.

Larger cities tend to have a subway system, international businesses and schools, all the amenities that are often found in cities in North America and Europe, such as malls, supermarkets with international products, and global brands (such as Starbucks, McDonalds, Zara, and H&M). Developing cities would have some of these, but not as many, but larger cities are often less than an hour away, so any cravings can be met with a short trip.

Examples of some cities in China:

Tier 1 – Mega cities

Tier 2 – Large cities

Tier 3 – Developing cities

Shanghai Suzhou Wuxi
Beijing Hangzhou Kunshan
Guangzhou Nanjing Yangzhou
Shenzhen Ningbo Nantong